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The PCP protein Vangl2 regulates migration of hindbrain motor neurons by acting in floor plate cells, and independently of cilia function.
Vangl2, a core component of the Planar Cell Polarity pathway, is necessary for the caudal migration of Facial Branchiomotor (FBM) neurons in the vertebrate hindbrain. Studies in zebrafish suggestExpand
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Effect of Gsk3 inhibitor CHIR99021 on aneuploidy levels in rat embryonic stem cells
Germline competent embryonic stem (ES) cells can serve as a tool to create genetically engineered rat strains used to elucidate gene function or provide disease models. In optimum culture conditions,Expand
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A novel conditional ZsGreen-expressing transgenic reporter rat strain for validating Cre recombinase expression
The Cre/loxP recombination system has revolutionized the ability to genetically manipulate animal genomes in order to conditionally control gene expression. With recent advances in genome editing,Expand
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