Anacleto Navangione

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Single channel patch-clamp recordings show that embryonic rat spinal motoneurons express anomalous L-type calcium channels, which reopen upon repolarization to resting potentials, displaying both short and long reopenings. The probability of reopening increases with increasing voltage of the preceding depolarization without any apparent correlation with(More)
Transport of K+ by the photoreceptor Na(+)-Ca2+, K+ exchanger was investigated in isolated rod outer segments (OS) by recording membrane current under whole-cell voltage-clamp conditions. Known amounts of K+ were imported in the OS through the Ca(2+)-activated K+ channels while perfusing with high extracellular concentration of K+, [K+]o. These channels(More)
The short isoform of the Na+/Ca2+ exchanger (67 kDa) that is produced by alternative splicing during the expression of the 6 kb canine exchanger cDNA in 293 cells was separately expressed in the same system. The protein consisted of the five N-terminal transmembrane segments and of a large portion of the main hydrophilic loop, but lacked the six C-terminal(More)
Changes of image intensities can occur over a wide range of scales. Therefore, they should be analyzed accordingly. Until now, the reconstruction of a single edge map from the ones obtained at each scale has not been solved efficiently. We propose an edge detector that, using a local procedure to select an “optimal” scale, analyzes the input image with a(More)
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