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Sham Marriages and Proper Plots: Henry Fielding's Shamela and Joseph Andrews
This essay explores Henry Fielding's development of the marriage plot in Shamela (1741) and Joseph Andrews (1742). Surveying theatrical echoes in these works, which are particularly apparent in theirExpand
Menials: Domestic Service and the Cultural Transformation of British Society, 1650–1850 by Kristina Booker (review)
Servants were the perennial inhabitants of eighteenthand nine­ teenth-century households, both real and literary. Any family that could afford help would hire servants, as much for practical purposesExpand
A life-course approach to early-onset of diabetes mellitus: Probable contribution of collective violence in Mexico
Abstract Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) is a growing health problem among the pediatric population in the world, and particularly in Mexico. Official data in Mexico reported that during the periodExpand