Anabela Rato

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The present study shows that melatonin prevents, within the first cell cycle, the estradiol-induced growth of synchronized MCF7 breast cancer cells. By using nuclear extracts of these cells, we first examined the binding of estradiol-estrogen receptor complexes to estrogen-responsive elements and found that the addition of estradiol to whole cells activates(More)
This study investigated the shortand long-term effects of a high variability perceptual training on the production of three English vowel contrasts (/i//ɪ/; /ɛ/-/æ/; /u/-/ʊ/) by Portuguese learners. The perceptual training consisted of five sessions divided into two blocks that included both discrimination and identification tasks followed by immediate(More)
Many speech researchers (linguists, psycholinguists, speech therapists) who work with speech perception still struggle to prepare their data collection tests mostly due to limitations as regards programming skills and knowledge of scripting languages. Concerned with this scenario and methodological constraints, we developed an open source application(More)
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