Anabel Martínez-Vargas

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During the last few years cellular networks bave increased the use of spectrum resources due to the success of mobile broadband services. Making new exclusive spectrurn available to meet traffic demand is challenging since spectrum resources are finite therefore costly. Cognitive radio (CR) technology along with spectrurn sharing strategies is proposed as a(More)
In this work, an experimental study to evaluate the parameter vector utility brought by an automated tuning tool, so called Hybrid Automatized Tuning procedure (HATp) is given. The experimental work uses the inertia weight and number of iterations from the algorithm PSO; it compares those parameters from tuning by analogy and empirical studies. The task of(More)
In previous work, we found effects of prenatal exposure to diazepam (DZ) on sexual behavior of adult mice. The aim of this work was to compare sexual behavior during their reproductive span of CD-1 strain male mice exposed in utero to DZ. One group of female mice was treated with DZ (2.5 mg/kg/day; s.c.) from 6th to 17th days of gestation and a control(More)
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