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HLA-B*3909 has only been found among South Amerindians, and presumably arose locally in these populations. It differs from B*3901 by a single Tyr to Ser change at position 99. To analyze the(More)
SWC3 was defined at the First International Swine CD Workshop as a specific myelomonocytic antigen of 230 kDa with mAbs 74-22-15, 6F3 and DH59B. In this report, we describe two new mAbs (BL1H7 and(More)
HLA-B*2704 is strongly associated with ankylosing spondylitis. B*2706, which differs from B*2704 by two amino acid changes, is not associated with this disease. A systematic comparison of the B*2704-(More)
In contrast to HLA-B*2705, B*2709 is weakly or not associated to ankylosing spondylitis. Both allotypes differ by a single D116H change. We compared the B*2705- and B*2709-bound peptide repertoires(More)