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This paper presents an undertaken research work about the development of an Adaptive Tourism Modeling System which attempts to correctly model a tourism web application user profile. This paper will follow the methodology used behind the concept of the application, ‘User Modeling as a process’, which consists of three specific modules in(More)
This paper aims is to present an ongoing project which proposes a new methodology and architecture for collaborative scheduling through adaptive hypermedia and group decision support. The approach to the problem is new in a sense that the techniques of user modelling, adaptive system and group decision support will be used and adapted to the scheduling(More)
Learning how to develop a program is known to be a difficult task to many novice students. This is a problem to which, neither the traditional teaching methods nor the more sophisticated methods based on computational tools already proposed have been able to meet. According to the related literature and our own experience as teachers, there seems to be a(More)
Given an undirected graph G = (V, E) and a function d : V → N , the Min-Degree Constrained Minimum Spanning Tree (md-MST) problem is to find a minimum cost spanning tree T of G where each node i ∈ V has minimum degree d(i) or is a leaf node. This problem is closely related with the well-known Degree Constrained Minimum Spanning Tree (d-MST) problem, where(More)
Recommendation systems have been growing in number for the last fifteen years. To evolve and adapt to the demands of the actual society, many paradigms emerged giving birth to even more paradigms and hybrid approaches. Mobile devices have also been under an incredible growth rate in every business area, and there are already lots of mobile based systems to(More)