Ana de Almeida

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Given an undirected graph G = (V,E) and a function d : V → N , the Min-Degree Constrained Minimum Spanning Tree (md-MST) problem is to find a minimum cost spanning tree T of G where each node i ∈ V has minimum degree d(i) or is a leaf node. This problem is closely related with the well-known Degree Constrained Minimum Spanning Tree (d-MST) problem, where(More)
Tourist recommendation systems have been growing over the last years, mainly because of the use of mobile devices to obtain user context. This work discuss some of the most relevant systems on the field and presents PSiS Mobile, which is a mobile recommendation and planning application designed to support a tourist during his vacations. It provides(More)
This paper presents an undertaken research work about the development of an Adaptive Tourism Modeling System which attempts to correctly model a tourism web application user profile. This paper will follow the methodology used behind the concept of the application, ‘User Modeling as a process’, which consists of three specific modules in(More)
Learning how to develop a program is known to be a difficult task to many novice students. This is a problem to which, neither the traditional teaching methods nor the more sophisticated methods based on computational tools already proposed have been able to meet. According to the related literature and our own experience as teachers, there seems to be a(More)
Shopping centers present a rich and heterogeneous environment, where IT systems can be implemented in order to support the needs of its actors. However, due to the environment complexity, several feasibility issues emerge when designing both the logical and physical architecture of such systems. Additionally, the system must be able to cope with the(More)
This paper focuses on a restrained concretization of the general NP-hard Container Loading Problem that arises from a real world application. This particular problem can be informally described as: given different sets of bins and boxes, find the packing of the boxes into the smallest number of bins obeying some additional restrictions on the placement. The(More)