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  • Ana Viseu
  • Ethics and Information Technology
  • 2004
As the physical and digital worlds interact,some fields of technoscience have started toshift from an approach emphasizing simulation –in which the physical is replicated in thedigital – to one focusing on augmentation, inwhich the digital is utilized to enhance thephysical. A good place to study theimplications this shift has on the individualis the field(More)
ion Simulation Analysis Pattern recognition Representation participation/interactivity Historicity All-at-onceness Networks change our conception and perception of time and space. For instance, as readers, our main relationship to spatial display is frontal, whether we consider the page, the stage, the perspective or the theory. With the electronic(More)
Care is a slippery word. Any attempt to define it will be exceeded by its multivocality in everyday and scholarly use. In its enactment, care is both necessary to the fabric of biological and social existence and notorious for the problems that it raises when it is defined, legislated, measured, and evaluated. What care looks and feels like is both(More)
The creation of public internet access facilities is one of the principal policy instruments adopted by governments in addressing ‘digital divide’ issues. The lack of plans for ongoing funding, in North America at least, suggests that this mode is regarded mainly as transitional, with private, home-based access being perceived as superior. The assumption(More)
Although the field of wearable computing is experiencing a great boost at the level of design and production, research on its social dimensions is still at an early phase and the literature on the subject is scant. This paper attempts to partially fill this gap by reviewing the current status of the field of wearable computing and the main issues that are(More)
One of the most significant shifts in science policy of the past three decades is a concern with extending scientific practice to include a role for 'society'. Recently, this has led to legislative calls for the integration of the social sciences and humanities in publicly funded research and development initiatives. In nanotechnology--integration's primary(More)
This is a strange role that Kurzweil casts for himself. He and his colleagues are at the same time merely raw material for an almighty evolution, no different from amoebae cleverly designed to overcome the limits of chemistry, and, at the same time, god-like fidflllers of destiny and creators of the fiiture. One does not need to be David Noble [3] to see(More)
Atmospheric aerosol over Macao was monitored by using a 355 nm Mie scattering lidar during the dust event on March 22nd, 2010. Vertical profiles of aerosol extinction coefficients were obtained and correlated with local PM10 concentration. The near-surface aerosol extinction coefficients have good agreement with PM10 concentration values. The aerosol(More)
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