Ana Viseu

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Media and research reports point to the issue of privacy as the key to understanding online behaviour and experience. Yet it is well recognized within privacy-advocacy circles that 'privacy' is a loose concept encompassing a variety of meanings. In this article we view privacy as mediating between individuals and their online activities, not standing above(More)
As the physical and digital worlds interact, some fields of technoscience have started to shift from an approach emphasizing simulation—in which the physical is replicated in the digital —to one focusing on augmentation, in which the digital is utilized to enhance the physical. A good place to study the implications this shift has on the individual is the(More)
ACCESS The creation of public internet access facilities is one of the principal policy instruments adopted by governments in addressing 'digital divide' issues. The lack of plans for ongoing funding, in North America at least, suggests that this mode is regarded mainly as transitional, with private, home-based access being perceived as superior. The(More)
Although the field of wearable computing is experiencing a great boost at the level of design and production, research on its social dimensions is still at an early phase and the literature on the subject is scant. This paper attempts to partially fill this gap by reviewing the current status of the field of wearable computing and the main issues that are(More)
In July 2002 Bell Canada's Wired and Wireless Center 1 (WCC) conducted a field trial implementation of Panasonic's latest wearable computer, the CF-07. This pilot was part of Bell's larger wearable computing initiative that had as a motto the creation of a 'mobile, wireless and wearable' workforce. From the WWC 's perspective this pilot was a fairly(More)
Article written for the UNESCO World Report on " Building Knowledge Societies " to be published in 2004. On networks: The power blackout On August 14 th , 2003 around 4 o'clock in the afternoon, the power suddenly went off in one power station in the United States. A domino effect was felt throughout the electricity network, and in 9 seconds 61 billion(More)
manifest since the beginningoftime. This is a strange role that Kurzweil casts for himself. He and his colleagues are at the same time merely raw material for an almighty evolution, no different from amoebae cleverly designed to overcome the limits of chemistry, and, at the same time, god-like fidflllers of destiny and creators of the fiiture. One does not(More)
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