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BACKGROUND The pleiotropic effects of riluzole may antagonize common mechanisms underlying chronic cerebellar ataxia, a debilitating and untreatable consequence of various diseases. METHODS In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled pilot trial, 40 patients presenting with cerebellar ataxias of different etiologies were randomly assigned to(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate whether the mortality and the morbidity of ventilator-associated pneumonia, defined by positive result of protected specimen brush culture, was different from that defined by other methods. DESIGN Matched-cohort study. All patients with clinical suspicion of pneumonia were investigated with protected specimen brush, bronchoalveolar(More)
BACKGROUND Metals are suspected of being involved in the pathogenesis of various neurologic diseases. We previously found a complex imbalance in serum chemical elements and oxidative status in patients with clinically definite multiple sclerosis (CDMS). OBJECTIVE To understand whether this imbalance affects people with clinically isolated syndrome (CIS)(More)
Controversies still exist on the role of nighttime gastroesophageal reflux (GER) in precipitating nocturnal asthma. We tested the relationship between GER and nocturnal bronchoconstriction by continuously and simultaneously monitoring both respiratory resistances and esophageal pH in seven asthmatics with moderate to severe GER disease. Twenty-nine GER(More)
To determine whether coinfection with HTLV-II influences the course of HIV-1 infection, we evaluated the progression from asymptomatic HIV infection (CDC group II) to persistent generalized lymphadenopathy (CDC group III) to AIDS-related complex (CDC group IVA) to full-blown AIDS (CDC group IVC) to death from AIDS in two groups of HIV-seropositive(More)
The possible role of sleep stages in the pathogenesis of nocturnal asthmatic attacks is still under debate because previous studies suffered methodologic limitations that prevented the possibility of providing a clear-cut answer to the question. To evaluate the relationship of nocturnal asthma to sleep, eight asthmatics with unstable asthma (seven with(More)
Previous studies reported an association with multiple sclerosis (MS) of distinct HLA-class I markers, namely HLA-A*02, HLA-Cw*05 and MOG-142L. In this work, we tested the association with MS of A*02 and Cw*05 in 1273 Italian MS patients and 1075 matched controls, which were previously analyzed for MOG-142, and explored the relationship among these three(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the effects of induction of multiple ovulation and of luteal P supplementation on the impedance to blood flow in the uterine and intraovarian arteries during the luteal phase. DESIGN A prospective study using transvaginal color flow Doppler imaging. SETTING A university-based infertility center. PATIENTS Fifty-six women with(More)
The clinical value of serial measurements of peak expiratory flow (PEF) in asthma is well established, but the analysis of the PEF records is not standardized. We developed an algorithm for interpretation of PEF, based upon the characteristic features of chronic airflow limitation, and retrospectively analysed the PEF of fifty outpatients affected by(More)
The effects of a new inhaled antimuscarinic drug, oxitropium bromide, and of a slow-release theophylline preparation upon nocturnal asthma were compared in a placebo-controlled double-blind study. Two samples were studied: 12 patients received oxitropium at 600 micrograms (6 subjects) or at 400 micrograms t.i.d. (6 subjects) whereas 11 received theophylline(More)