Ana Vilela Mendes

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Strongyloides stercoralis infection is endemic in many tropical and subtropical areas. The parasite has the unusual ability to multiply inside the host due to the transformation of rhabditiform larvae into infective filariforms. Several studies have shown that chronic alcoholism is an important factor that predisposes to strongyloidiasis. The increased(More)
PURPOSE To carry out a systematic review of the association between maternal and school-age children depression and covariate factors. DESIGN AND METHODS The key words maternal depression, depressed children, and school-age key words were searched in Medline, Lilacs, Scielo, IndexPsi, and PsycInfo (2004-2010). Clinical and community cross-sectional and(More)
The epidemiological dimension of mental health problems in childhood and its impact warrant new studies. Knowledge about the predictors of mental health in children is scant in developing countries. The present study estimated the prevalence of psychiatric disorders in Brazilian school-age children based on a community sample from primary health care(More)
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