Ana Sovic

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Image sharpness assessment is a very important issue in image acquisition and processing. Novel approaches in no-reference image sharpness assessment methods are based on local phase coherence (LPC), rather than edge or frequency content analysis. It has been shown that the LPC based methods are closer to human observer assessments. In this paper, we(More)
We present advanced techniques for the restoration of images obtained by soft x-ray laser microscopy. We show two methods. One method is based on adaptive thresholding, while the other uses local Wiener filtering in the wavelet domain to achieve high noise gains. These wavelet based denoising techniques are improved using spatial noise modeling. The(More)
—Many microscopy images, or 3D depth maps can be represented using piecewise constant models. They usually contain noise due to sensor imperfectness. In this paper, an improved separable denoising method based on the relative intersection of confidence intervals rule is proposed. The method uses median averaging and is robust to outliers and different noise(More)
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