Ana Sofia Soares

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Aiming at the enhancement of the performance of (9-methoxy-3-oxo-3H-benzo[f]benzopyran-1-yl) methyl ester as photocleavable protecting group for the carboxylic acid function at long-wavelengths, 9-methoxy-3-thioxo-3H-benzo[f]benzopyran-l-valine and l-phenylalanine model conjugates were prepared through a thionation reaction of the corresponding(More)
This work aimed to develop a technique to measure stained areas in images from sample tissue sections, namely when the structure of interest does not fill the entire image field of the microscope. We propose a semiautomated computer-assisted image analysis (SACAIA) method in which brightfield color images of 3,3'-diaminobenzidene tetrahydrochloride(More)
This work aimed to investigate the molecular mechanisms involved in the interaction of alpha2-adrenoceptors and adenosine A2A-receptor-mediated facilitation of noradrenaline release in rat tail artery, namely the type of G-protein involved in this effect and the step or steps where the signalling cascades triggered by alpha2-adrenoceptors and A2A-receptors(More)
Ala–Ala–Pro–Val (AAPV) is a bioactive tetrapeptide that inhibits human neutrophil elastase, an enzyme involved in skin chronic inflammatory diseases like psoriasis. Caged derivatives of this peptide were prepared by proper N- and C-terminal derivatisation through a carbamate or ester linkage, respectively, with two photoactive moieties, namely(More)
The synthesis of a novel fused nitrogen heterocycle, benzoquinolone, for evaluation as a photocleavable protecting group is described for the first time by coupling to model amino acids (alanine, phenylalanine and glutamic acid). Conversion of the phenylalanine ester conjugate to the thionated derivative was accomplished by reaction with Lawesson’s reagent.(More)
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