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Bovine tuberculosis has been tackled for decades by costly eradication programs in most developed countries, involving the laboratory testing of tissue samples from allegedly infected animals for detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex (MTC) members, namely Mycobacterium bovis. Definitive diagnosis is usually achieved by bacteriological culture,(More)
The genus Burkholderia comprises more than 60 species able to adapt to a wide range of environments such as soil and water, and also colonize and infect plants and animals. They have large genomes with multiple replicons and high gene number, allowing these bacteria to thrive in very different niches. Among the properties of bacteria from the genus(More)
Nowadays research institutions develop a significant amount of their activities financed by research grants and scholarships that sustain a constant human capital flow of temporary research labor. In this work and through the usage of Social Network Analysis we will study the impact of such policies in a research institution. This evaluation will be made(More)
In this paper, we analyse the stability of large-scale nonlinear stochastic systems, represented as an interconnection of lower-order stochastic subsystems. Stochastic stability in probability and noise-to-state stability are addressed, and sufficient conditions for the latter are provided. The method proposed proves network stability by using appropriate(More)
A deficiency of plasmalogens, caused by impaired peroxisomal metabolism affects normal development and multiple organs in adulthood. Treatment options aimed at restoring plasmalogen levels may be relevant for the therapy of peroxisomal and non-peroxisomal disorders. In this study we determined the in vivo efficacy of an alkyl glycerol (AG), namely,(More)
— We analyze pattern formation on a network of cells where each cell inhibits its neighbors through cell-to-cell contact signaling. The network is modeled as an interconnection of identical dynamical subsystems each of which represents the signaling reactions in a cell. We search for steady state patterns by partitioning the graph vertices into disjoint(More)
Leptospirosis is a growing public and veterinary health concern caused by pathogenic species of Leptospira. Rapid and reliable laboratory tests for the direct detection of leptospiral infections in animals are in high demand not only to improve diagnosis but also for understanding the epidemiology of the disease. In this work we describe a novel and simple(More)
Burkholderia cepacia complex (Bcc) bacteria are opportunistic pathogens causing chronic respiratory infections particularly among cystic fibrosis patients. During these chronic infections, mucoid-to-nonmucoid morphotype variation occurs, with the two morphotypes exhibiting different phenotypic properties. Here we show that in vitro, the mucoid clinical(More)
— We propose a compartmental lateral inhibition system that generates contrasting patterns of gene expression between neighboring compartments. The system consists of a set of compartments interconnected by channels. Each compartment contains a colony of cells that produce diffusible molecules to be detected by the neighboring colony, and each cell is(More)