Ana Sofia Cueva Moscoso

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Sensorimotor gating, measured as the modification of eye blink startle reflexes to loud acoustic stimuli by quieter preceding stimuli, is altered in those with psychosis, their relatives and those at high clinical risk for psychosis. Alterations have also been shown in cannabis users, albeit to a lesser extent, and cannabis is a known risk factor for the(More)
BACKGROUND Postgraduate medical trainees experience high rates of burnout, but evidence regarding psychiatric trainees is missing. We aim to determine burnout rates among psychiatric trainees, and identify individual, educational and work-related factors associated with severe burnout. METHODS In an online survey psychiatric trainees from 22 countries(More) Vol 2 September 2015 779 psychiatric morbidity arising from adolescent-onset disorders. Although the interventions that should be given during this transition are well known, the implementation is still poor. Consequently, these patients mostly rely on crisis services, or are lost from the health-care system and their recovery(More)
INTRODUCTION The aim of this paper was to assess the prevalence of suicide ideation and attempts in Portuguese psychiatry trainees (adult and child and adolescence), and compare the data with the general population and other European countries. MATERIAL AND METHODS A structured and anonymous questionnaire was sent by email to 159 portuguese trainees of(More)
OBJECTIVE This research was designed as a pilot proof-of-concept study to evaluate the use of low-dose methadone in post-herpetic neuralgia patients who remained refractory after first and second line post-herpetic neuralgia treatments and had indications for adding an opioid agent to their current drug regimens. METHODS This cross-over study was double(More)
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