Ana Serrano

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Figure 1: High dynamic range image (HDRI) recovered from a single, coded, 8-bit low dynamic range (LDR) image using the proposed sparse reconstruction method. Left: HDR image recovered with our framework, tonemapped for display purposes. The inset shows a cropped region of the coded LDR image used as input to the reconstruction algorithm. Center left:(More)
Many different techniques for measuring material appearance have been proposed in the last few years. These have produced large public datasets, which have been used for accurate, data-driven appearance modeling. However, although these datasets have allowed us to reach an unprecedented level of realism in visual appearance, editing the captured data(More)
Understanding how humans explore virtual environments is crucial for many applications, such as developing compression algorithms or designing effective cine-matic virtual reality (VR) content, as well as to develop predictive computational models. We have recorded 780 head and gaze trajectories from 86 users exploring omni-directional stereo panoramas(More)
The "racket" lesion is a rare presentation of tuberculoid leprosy, which consists of a thickened nerve branch emerging from a tuberculoid plaque. It results from centripetal damage to cutaneous nerves caused by granuloma formation. We describe a typical case of tuberculoid leprosy presenting as a "racket" lesion. The lesion persisted after treatment with(More)
The study of the impact of economic activities on natural resources through global supply chains is increasingly demanded in the context of the growing globalization of economies and product fragmentation. Taking Spain as a case study and a sector with significant economic and environmental impacts, the agri-food industry, the objective of this work is(More)
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