Ana Salvador

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BACKGROUND Epidemiological studies have found that obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is estimated to occur in up to 12% of patients with schizophrenia. Furthermore, several etiopathogenic mechanisms have been postulated for understanding this co-occurrence. Whether this subgroup of "schizo-obsessive" patients may be posed as a clinical entity with a(More)
Offspring of parents with bipolar disorder (O-BP) is a high-risk cohort for mental illness in general and bipolar disorder (BD) specifically. This review aims to delineate the main clinical features of O-BP, including the psychopathology, interpersonal functioning, temperamental and personality features, neurocognitive deficits and neurobiological(More)
A random selection was made of 100 adults, diagnosed as suffering from serious affective disorders (DSM-III), who had been cared for in the University Psychiatric Hospital in Geneva. One-third of this adult population (31%) was found to have consulted the child psychiatry service in Geneva (81.4% more than the general population). Patients suffering from(More)
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