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2006 IEEE] Personal use of this material is permitted. However, permission to reprint/republish this material for advertising or promotional purposes or for creating new collective works for resale or redistribution to servers or lists, or to reuse any copyrighted component of this work in other works must be obtained from the IEEE. Abstract Let R be a(More)
We show that repeated-root cyclic codes over a finite chain ring are in general not principally generated. Repeated-root negacyclic codes are principally generated if the ring is a Galois ring with characteristic a power of 2. For any other finite chain ring they are in general not principally generated. We also prove results on the structure, cardinality(More)
We generalise the cube attack of Dinur and Shamir (and the similar AIDA attack of Vielhaber) to a more general higher order differentiation attack, by summing over an arbitrary subspace of the space of initialisation vectors. The Moebius transform can be used for efficiently examining all the subspaces of a big space, similar to the method used by Fouque(More)
Higher order differentiation was introduced in a cryptographic context by Lai. Several attacks can be viewed in the context of higher order differentiations, amongst them the cube attack and the AIDA attack. All of the above have been developed for the binary case. We examine differentiation in larger fields, starting with the field GF(p) of integers modulo(More)