Ana-Rita Pedrosa

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OBJECTIVE Notch signaling controls cardiovascular development and has been associated with several pathological conditions. Among its ligands, Jagged1 and Dll4 were shown to have opposing effects in developmental angiogenesis, but the underlying mechanism and the role of Jagged1/Notch signaling in adult angiogenesis remain incompletely understood. The(More)
BACKGROUND The Notch signaling pathway has been implicated in prostate development, maintenance and tumorigenesis by its key role in cell-fate determination, differentiation and proliferation. Therefore, we proposed to analyze Notch family members transcription and expression, including ligands (Dll1, 3, 4 and Jagged1 and 2), receptors (Notch1-4) and(More)
Recent findings regarding Dll4 function in physiological and pathological conditions indicate that this Notch ligand may constitute an important therapeutic target. Dll4 appears to be a major anti-angiogenic agent, occupying a central role in various angiogenic pathways. The first trials of anti-Dll4 therapy in mice demonstrated a paradoxical effect, as it(More)
Angiogenesis is an essential process required for tumor growth and progression. The Notch signaling pathway has been identified as a key regulator of the neo-angiogenic process. Jagged-1 (Jag1) is a Notch ligand required for embryonic and retinal vascular development, which direct contribution to the regulation of tumor angiogenesis remains to be fully(More)
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