Ana Ripoll

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Parallel application can be divided into tasks that can be executed simultaneously. A mechanism for assigning these tasks to the processors is required. The objective is to minimize the overall execution time of a single application running in parallel on a multicomputer system. We propose a new dynamic load balancing algorithm based on the diffusion(More)
* The DASUD (Diffusion Algorithm Searching Unbalanced Domains) algorithm belongs to the nearest-neighbours class and operates in a diffusion scheme where a processor balances its load with all its neighbours. DASUD detects unbalanced domains and performs local exchange of load between processors to achieve global balancing. The DASUD algorithm has been(More)
1 A fundamental issue affecting the performance of a parallel program is the assignment of tasks to processors in order to get the minimum completion time. In this paper, we present a compilation-time two-stage mapping strategy (denoted as CREMA) used for mapping arbitrary programs (modeled as TIG graphs) onto message-passing parallel systems with any(More)