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The present study aims to evaluate psychometric data on the population of Brazil using of the Color Trails Test (CTT). The instrument was applied to 1,942 subjects who came from the north of participants were illiterate, 1.240 (64%) had primary education and 645 (33%) had a high school and/or superior diploma. The length of schooling ranged from 0 to 14 (M(More)
INTRODUCTION Technological advances have helped to lower the rate of infantile mortality and to raise the survival rate of preterm infants. Thus, studies need to be conducted in this segment of the population, while prematurity continues to be one of the risk factors for neuro-sensory-motor disorders. There is evidence to show that these children present(More)
Objective: to analyze the care of self of female nurses and the power relations established by them in the care of other women. Method: integrative review of literature published between 2005 and 2015. There were 25 publications in the sample. Results: qualitative state of the art with reference domain of a liberating perspective, based on humanization,(More)
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