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Croton nepetaefolius Baill., is an aromatic plant native to the northeast of Brazil where it is extensively used in folk medicine as a sedative, orexigen and antispasmodic agent. In the present study the antinociceptive effects of the essential oil of C. nepetaefolius (EOCn), administered orally, were evaluated in male Swiss mice (20-25 g). In the acetic(More)
Obtained from breadfruit seeds (Artocarpus incisa), frutalin (FTL) has a range of important pharmacological properties. FTL activates and modulates lymphocytes and neutrophils and possesses gastroprotective effects. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the ability of FTL to protect the gastric mucosa of mice submitted to ethanol-induced gastric injury.(More)
The use of laser therapy is one of the most effective tools in the prevention and treatment of skin ulcers. It is an effective treatment choice because it potentiates the trophic regenerative, anti inflammatory, and painkiller effects. This study aimed to assess the effectiveness of low level laser therapy in treating induced cutaneous ulcers in rats. An(More)
The purposes of this study were to evaluate the anti-nociceptive effect of oral and topical administration of (−)-α-bisabolol (BISA) in rodent models of formalin- or cinnamaldehyde-induced orofacial pain and to explore the inhibitory mechanisms involved. Orofacial pain was induced by injecting 1.5% formalin into the upper lip of mice (20 μL) or into the(More)
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