Ana Paula Serrata Malfitano

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BACKGROUND Researchers and practitioners worldwide have advocated for the development of critical perspectives in occupational therapy to examine the structural influences of social exclusion and injustice experienced by individuals, groups, and communities. To take action against social exclusion and injustice, Brazilian occupational therapists have been(More)
The concept of occupational justice relates to social inequality focusing on the needs of humans as occupational beings in their contexts. This article aims to examine the scholarly evolution of the term occupational justice and its related concepts. The article reports (a) the historical development of the term and (b) a thematic mapping of issues(More)
A life story is presented for analyzing the manifestations of an individual path in dialogue with the elements the young people’s lives in popular groups. It focuses on the discussion of social equipment in the production of the senses, places and suffering of some people’s lives, which causes processes in which “diseases” and medicalization are generated(More)
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