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BACKGROUND Self-assessment of asthma and a stronger doctor-patient relationship can improve asthma outcomes. Evidence for the influence of patient enablement on quality of life and the control of asthma is lacking. AIMS To assess asthma severity, medication use, asthma control, and patient enablement in patients with asthma treated in primary care and to(More)
Health literacy, a more complex concept than knowledge, is a required capacity to obtain, understand, integrate and act on health information [1], in order to enhance individual and community health, which is defined by different levels, according to the autonomy and personal capacitation in decision making [2]. Medium levels of Health literacy in an(More)
Current day’s financial crisis and sovereign debt in some countries is imposing new challenges for small and medium sized companies. When focusing on the production sector, the decisions on where to allocate the financial means are becoming increasingly complex and harder to adjust, leading to two main concerns: i) how much and when should we produce; and(More)
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