Ana Paula F. D. Barbosa-Póvoa

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In this work the design of a reverse distribution network is studied. Most of the proposed models on the subject are case based and, for that reason, they lack generality. In this paper we try to overcome this limitation and a generalized model is proposed. It contemplates the design of a generic reverse logistics network where capacity limits,(More)
The increase in societal awareness towards environmental issues has accrued the responsibility of goods producers, which at present came to encompass the entire product life cycle. Recently, the efficient design and operation of supply chains with return flows have, in particular, become a major challenge for many companies, given the high number of factors(More)
The present work aims to support tactical and operational planning decisions of reverse logistics systems while considering economic, environmental and social objectives. In the literature, when addressing such systems economic aspects have been often used, while environmental concerns have emerged only recently. The social component is the one less studied(More)