Ana Paula Ambrosio

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– Introductory programming courses entail students' high failure and dropout rates. In an effort to tackle this problem, we carried out a qualitative study aiming to shed some light on the programming phase that is most challenging for students, in order to elicit the specific difficulties they experience while learning to program. In doing so, distinctive(More)
The introductory undergraduate course on Algorithms and Computer Programming, commonly known as CS1, has always presented a challenge when considering student failure and drop out rates. Despite this, it is acknowledged that this is a foundational course for a large part of the CS curriculum. In this paper we present the results of a project that combines(More)
The criteria by which the operative approaches to craniopharyngioma are chosen are still controversial. The authors performed a retrospective analysis in 32 patients with craniopharyngioma who were surgically treated. Results of neurological and psychological tests administered during the follow-up period were correlated with the surgical approach. On the(More)
Although still innovative and not largely disseminated, Computational Thinking is being considered as a critical skill for students in the 21st century. It involves many skills, but programming abilities seem to be a core aspect since they foster the development of a new way of thinking that is key to the solution of problems that require a combination of(More)
Today, users need pro-active information recovery mechanisms that can rapidly obtain the largest amount of relevant information possible. Several information recovery systems are available, but they still have semantic problems related to document treatment and retrieval. The proposed system uses statistical text-mining techniques to semantically associate(More)