Ana Paula A. Lange

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Increased fibrinolysis is an important component of acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL) bleeding diathesis. APL blasts overexpress annexin II (ANXII), a receptor for tissue plasminogen activator (tPA), and plasminogen, thereby increasing plasmin generation. Previous studies suggested that ANXII plays a pivotal role in APL coagulopathy. ANXII binding to tPA(More)
Rafael H. Jácomo, Barbara A. Santana-Lemos, Ana Silvia G. Lima, Patricia Assis, Ana Paula A. Lange, Lorena L. Figueiredo-Pontes, Luciana O. Oliveira, Sarah C. Bassi, Mariana T. L. Benício, Márcia S. Baggio, Aglair B. Garcia, Roberto P. Falcão and Eduardo M. Rego National Institute of Science and Technology in Stem Cell and Cell Therapy, Division of(More)
Here, we evaluated whether the overexpression of transcriptionally inactive ΔNp73 cooperates with PML/RARA fusion protein in the induction of an APL-leukemic phenotype, as well as its role in vitro in proliferation, myeloid differentiation, and drug-induced apoptosis. Using lentiviral gene transfer, we showed in vitro that ΔNp73 overexpression resulted in(More)
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