Ana Pasztor

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In this paper, we present an approach to teaching induction that we call the "conceptual route" of teaching induction. Proofs by induction are central to the study of computer science and students come across them in many courses of their curricula. It is documented in the literature that in general students have difficulties with proofs by induction. Even(More)
both undergraduate and graduate degree programs. The major program and a minor program, are described below. The School offers three undergraduate major programs and a minor program. Two tracks are available in the upper division program. The Computer Science track should be followed by the student who intends to continue to graduate study in computer(More)
We give an overview of the Second Life (SL) virtual world, explaining what objects can be manipulated to implement user-defined scenari in SL, and give an example of a work-in-progress scenario of exposure therapy for anxiety disorders, coupled with automatic processing of bio-sensed emotional signals. Both e-Health and emotion recognition researchers can(More)