Ana Pérez Grassi

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Varnishing and painting are quite delicate processes susceptible to failures. This becomes especially critical whenever an aesthetic finish is decisive for the final product. Such is the case, for example, in production of furniture, musical instruments, and paper, among many others. Dozens of different defects with very varied shapes can affect varnished(More)
During the manufacturing of printed electronic circuits, different layers of coatings are applied successively on a substrate. The correct thickness of such layers is essential for guaranteeing the electronic behavior of the final product and must therefore be controlled thoroughly. This paper presents a model for measuring two-layer systems through thin(More)
Abstract: Some surfaces, like metallic and varnished ones, can only be properly controlled, if they are inspected under different illumination directions. This requires a three-dimensional input signal: a series of images, where each image shows the same surface but is illuminated from a different angle. This paper presents a method to extract translation(More)
Manche Oberflächen können nur zuverlässig inspiziert werden, wenn man sie mit variabler Beleuchtung beobachtet. Die automatische Umsetzung dieses Ansatzes erfordert die Erfassung und Verarbeitung von Bildserien. Jedes Bild der Serie bildet den gleichen Oberflächenausschnitt jeweils unter einem anderen Beleuchtungswinkel ab. Eine Methode wird vorgestellt, um(More)
The results of an automated visual inspection (AVI) system depend strongly on the image acquisition procedure. In particular, the illumination plays a key role for the success of the following image processing steps. The choice of an appropriate illumination is especially critical when imaging 3D textures. In this case, 3D or depth information about a(More)
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