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BACKGROUND Uncovering the operating principles underlying cellular processes by using 'omics' data is often a difficult task due to the high-dimensionality of the solution space that spans all interactions among the bio-molecules under consideration. A rational way to overcome this problem is to use the topology of bio-molecular interaction networks in(More)
This paper presents our more recent research on the area of text reading and understanding and knowledge extraction. More specifically, we give an overview of TextStorm and Clouds: two modules for the construction of concept maps. The first one deals with the task of extracting relations between concepts from a text file, while the latter concentrates on(More)
BACKGROUND In the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, the presence of high levels of glucose leads to an array of down-regulatory effects known as glucose repression. This process is complex due to the presence of feedback loops and crosstalk between different pathways, complicating the use of intuitive approaches to analyze the system. RESULTS We established(More)
This paper presents a genetic algorithm-based approach that integrates a radial basis function kernel support vector machine applied to pattern recognition. The proposed approach performs feature selection on handwritten digits from historical document images and model design on the adopted support vector machine in order to obtain the best possible(More)
The development of graphical user interfaces (GUIs) has been an emergent demand in the area of healthcare technologies. Specifically for respiratory healthcare there is a lack of tools to produce a complete multimedia database, where respiratory sounds and other clinical data are available in a single repository. This is essential for a complete patient's(More)
Spatial concerns of Web Geographical Information Systems (Web-GIS) are inherently crosscutting and volatile: crosscutting because they affect multiple functionalities of Web-GIS systems, such as visualization of a route in a map, volatile because their status may change often (e.g., in a map, a route can be obstructed temporarily due to a car accident or(More)
The objective of this work is to produce a laser- fabricated polymer-metal-polymer electrode with the merit of a carbon-based coating as the active site. A 10 µm-thick layer of parylene-C is used serving as the insulation layer in which the active site is locally laser-pyrolyzed. Our preliminary results show that the proposed method is promising in terms of(More)