Ana Nunes

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Publish/subscribe mechanisms for scalable event dissemination are a core component of many distributed systems ranging from Enterprise Application Integration middleware to news dissemination in the Inter-net. Hence, a lot of research has been done on overlay networks for efficient decentralized topic-based routing. Specifically, in gossip-based(More)
We investigate a stochastic model of infection dynamics based on the Susceptible-Infective-Recovered (SIR) model, where the distribution of the recovery times can be tuned, interpolating between exponentially distributed recovery times, as in the standard SIR model, and recovery after a fixed infectious period. This is achieved by introducing L infective(More)
The dynamics of strongly immunizing childhood infections is still not well understood. Although reports of successful modelling of several data records can be found in the previous literature, the key determinants of the observed temporal patterns have not yet been clearly identified. In particular, different models of immunity waning and degree of(More)
We study the phase diagram of the standard pair approximation equations for two different models in population dynamics, the susceptible-infective-recovered-susceptible model of infection spread and a predator-prey interaction model, on a network of homogeneous degree k. These models have similar phase diagrams and represent two classes of systems for which(More)
Distributed transaction processing has benefited greatly from optimistic concurrency control protocols thus avoiding costly fine-grained synchronization. However, the performance of these protocols degrades significantly when the workload increases, namely, by leading to a substantial amount of aborted transactions due to concurrency conflicts. Our approach(More)
We use a stochastic metapopulation model to study the combined effects of seasonality and spatial heterogeneity on disease persistence. We find a pronounced effect of enhanced persistence associated with strong heterogeneity, intermediate coupling strength and moderate seasonal forcing. Analytic calculations show that this effect is not related with the(More)