Ana Nika

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Social interactions and interpersonal communication has undergone significant changes in recent years. Increasing awareness of privacy issues and events such as the Snowden disclosures have led to the rapid growth of a new generation of anonymous social networks and messaging applications. By removing traditional concepts of strong identities and social(More)
We are facing an increasingly difficult challenge in spectrum management: how to perform real-time spectrum monitoring with strong coverage of deployed regions. Today's spectrum measurements are carried out by government employees driving around with specialized hardware that is usually bulky and expensive, making the task of gathering real-time,(More)
Most of today's mobile devices come equipped with both cellular LTE and WiFi wireless radios, making radio bundling (simultaneous data transfers over multiple interfaces) both appealing and practical. Despite recent studies documenting the benefits of radio bundling with MPTCP, many fundamental questions remain about potential gains from radio bundling, or(More)
Crowdsourcing is a unique and practical approach to obtain personalized data and content. Its impact is especially significant in providing commentary, reviews and metadata, on a variety of location based services. In this study, we examine reliability of the Waze mapping service, and its vulnerability to a variety of location-based attacks. Our goals are(More)
We describe our efforts to empirically validate a distributed spectrum monitoring system built on commodity smartphones and embedded low-cost spectrum sensors. This system enables real-time spectrum sensing, identifies and locates active transmitters, and generates alarm events when detecting anomalous transmitters. To evaluate the feasibility of such a(More)
The unprecedented growth in mobile data usage is posing significant challenges to cellular operators. One key challenge is how to provide quality of service to subscribers when their residing cell is experiencing a significant amount of traffic, i.e. becoming a traffic hotspot. In this paper, we perform an empirical study on data hotspots in today's(More)
Network transmissions are the cornerstone of most mobile apps today, and a main contributor to energy consumption. We use a componentized energy model to quantify energy use by device, and observe significant energy consumption by the CPU in network operations. We assert that optimizing network operations in the CPU can produce significant energy savings,(More)