Ana Nicolaescu

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Density functional theory (DFT) calculations are employed to compare the mechanism of the *OH attacks at all carbon atoms in quinoline. The computational analysis of the energy surface for the reaction of *OH with quinoline reveals that the formation of OH adducts proceeds through exothermic formation of pi-complexes/H-bonded complexes. The gas-phase(More)
The mechanistic details of the hydroxyl radical-induced transformations of quinoline have been elucidated. The nature and distribution of the final products have provided insight into the preferential attack of the hydroxyl radicals at different sites on the aromatic rings. Hydroxylated products at all of the carbon atoms but one, C2, have been observed and(More)
Up-to-date software architecture models dramatically ease the understanding and meaningful evolution of a software system. Unfortunately they are rarely available. Mostly the static view of the architecture is modeled and only stipulations are made regarding how architecture units should communicate. However, a software system tends to evolve independently(More)
The reconstruction of software architectures and the evaluation of architecture conformance of software systems is a long-studied research topic. Although up-to-date architecture descriptions are necessary to understand and evolve systems, they are rarely available. Consequently, many software architecture reconstruction approaches and tools have been(More)
Coupling is one of the most important properties that affect the quality of the design and implementation of a software system. In the context of object oriented software development, coupling metrics and their impact on quality attributes have been investigated for a quarter of a century. In this work we review and critically analyze the developments in(More)
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