Ana Morandi

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The sensitivity of short-wavelength-sensitive (SWS) cone pathways was measured in the central fields of 74 normal subjects, aged 17-86 yr, with healthy maculas. The new fundus perimetry technique used a research scanning laser ophthalmoscope with a small entrance pupil to present blue static perimetry targets on a bright yellow background. Simultaneous(More)
Surgical cure of gliomas infiltrating into the brain is practically impossible and their clinical course is primarily determined by the biological behavior of the tumor cell. The purpose of this study was to analyze retrospectively prognostic input of p53, Mouse double minute-2 (Mdm2) and p16 in 103 uniformly treated patients with astrocytic tumors. The(More)
The effect of light scatter on the pattern reversal visual evoked response (PVER) was studied in 6 normal subjects. The results were compared with contrast visual acuity, contrast sensitivity function, and glare disability. Light scatter was induced by translucent acrylic sheets. Visual acuity measured with the low-contrast charts decreased significantly (P(More)
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