Ana-Mirela Neculai

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The ubiquitin system regulates virtually all aspects of cellular function. We report a method to target the myriad enzymes that govern ubiquitination of protein substrates. We used massively diverse combinatorial libraries of ubiquitin variants to develop inhibitors of four deubiquitinases (DUBs) and analyzed the DUB-inhibitor complexes with(More)
Sc(BrMgL)(2)Br (L = (R(2)NCH(2)CH(2)NCMe)(2)CH, R = H) was studied by DFT methods leading to the conclusion that this diamagnetic formal scandium(I) system enjoys stabilization of its Sc-based filled d(yz)() orbital by a delta-acceptor linear combination of BrMgL ring orbitals. Investigation of the reactivity of Sc(BrMgL)(2)Br (L =(More)
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