Ana Maria Visan

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A new style of temporal debugging is proposed. The new URDB debugger can employ such techniques as temporal search for finding an underlying fault that is causing a bug. This improves on the standard iterative debugging style, which iteratively re-executes a program under debugger control in the search for the underlying fault. URDB acts as a meta-debugger,(More)
A common programmer experience is to execute a long-running computation only to see a bug crash the program after hours or days. While it is often easy to capture a "buggy" expression value at the point of the crash, it is less easy to discover the point in the program where the expression became buggy. For such "difficult" bugs, this work presents an(More)
Reversible debuggers have been developed at least since 1970. Such a feature is useful when the cause of a bug is close in time to the bug manifestation. When the cause is far back in time, one resorts to setting appropriate breakpoints in the debugger and beginning a new debugging session. For these cases when the cause of a bug is far in time from its(More)
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