Ana Maria Valentim

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BACKGROUND Volatile anesthetics such as isoflurane are widely used in clinical and research contexts. Concerns have been raised that the effects of these drugs on the central nervous system may result in long-term impairment after surgery or general anesthesia. Hence, this study aimed to detect how different isoflurane concentrations influence spatial(More)
Fast recoveries are essential when looking for a safe anaesthetic protocol to use on mice. Propofol is a short-acting anaesthetic agent, which provides a smooth, fast recovery. A recent study carried out in our laboratory showed that the intraperitoneal (i.p.) administration of propofol combined with a fast-acting opioid does not provide a sufficiently(More)
BACKGROUND Ketamine is an anaesthetic and analgesic drug used in research and clinical practice. Little is known about the effects of different doses of this drug on memory and brain cellular death. OBJECTIVE To study the effects of different doses of ketamine on working and reference memory, and neurodegeneration in adult mice. DESIGN A randomised(More)
Ketamine administration has been associated with controversial behavioural impairments and psychotic episodes. Even though ketamine alone and in combination with midazolam or dexmedetomidine are frequently used in laboratory animals, the side-effects of such protocols are not well known. Therefore, our aim was to evaluate the effects of ketamine alone and(More)
BACKGROUND The increasing use of zebrafish model has not been accompanied by the evolution of proper anaesthesia for this species in research. The most used anaesthetic in fishes, MS222, may induce aversion, reduction of heart rate, and consequently high mortality, especially during long exposures. Therefore, we aim to explore new anaesthetic protocols to(More)
Piezoelectric sensors have played an important role both in medicine and medical research. In this application piezoelectric sensors are used to detect the respiratory patterns through the vibration caused by the expansion of the chest cavity. Currently available methods require placing the animal in direct contact with the sensor which is usually(More)
Ketamine, one anesthetic used as an illicit drug, has been detected both in freshwater and marine ecosystems. However, knowledge of its impact on aquatic life is still limited. This study aimed to test its effects in zebrafish embryos by analyzing its time- and dose-dependent developmental toxicity and long-term behavioral changes. The 24h-LC50 was(More)
Studies on humans and rodents indicate possible long-term cognitive impairment after surgery or general anesthesia. The goal of this study was to evaluate the effect of various anesthetic concentrations on spatial learning in adult mice. The behavior of adult mice in a T-maze was assessed 28 h after anesthesia (control [0%], low [1%], or high [2%](More)
hominem attack on Davy for his youth and recklessness. If youth truly deserves our censure in connection with scientific discovery, then Haridas must broaden his denouncement. With respect to self-experimentation, undertaken, as Haridas observes, at considerable peril, Davy would doubtless hold himself guilty as charged; to Davy, science was exploration,(More)