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We report a pair of monozygotic Huntington's disease (HD) twins who, although sharing identical CAG repeat lengths, not only present with marked differences in clinical symptoms but also behavioral abilities as measured by our experimental procedures. Both HD twins and two healthy control subjects were tested twice over 2 years. Patient A was generally more(More)
UNLABELLED Alterations in the methylation patterns of promoter CpG islands have been associated with the transcriptional inhibition of genes in many human cancers, including prostate cancer (PCa). OBJECTIVES The aim of our study was to evaluate the diagnostic value of aberrant promoter hypermethylation of retinoic acid receptor β2 (RARβ2) gene in serum(More)
The serum level of total interferon (IFN) was measured in 15 male patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) in the active phase and in remission, before and during corticotherapy. The values found were correlated with the clinical and humoral signs of disease. The IFN titer was high in the active phase of disease and was correlated with fever,(More)
INTRODUCTION Intestinal intussusception in adult represents a rare cause of intestinal obstruction, therefore the diagnostic and therapeutic methods must be adapted to each case. MATERIALS AND METHODS We present the case of a 30 year old female admitted in our service suffering from a subocclusive symptomatology. After preoperative tests were completed in(More)
The article presents the case of a male patient, hospitalized due to severe pain in the upper abdomen area, nausea, and vomiting. The patient was diagnosed with surgical acute abdomen, for which emergency surgery is performed. Upon penetration into the peritoneal cavity, stomach inspection shows at the medio-gastric level, on the greater curvature, a(More)
BACKGROUND The development of combination antiretroviral therapies (cART) represents a significant advance in the treatment of (human immunodeficiency virus) HIV infection. However, several studies report that a large percentage of individuals with HIV, particularly those receiving cART, present body composition differences compared with the general(More)
The present investigation was designed to the study of respiratory symptoms and immunologic changes in workers of a poultry farm, chronically exposed to various organic allergens (avian, fungi, etc.). The group studied included 202 exposed subjects (109 at the slaughter house, 93 on the farms) and 100 controls. Although the group was chiefly made up of(More)
A 40-year-old woman was admitted in emergency condition with the symptomatology of bowel obstruction. Intraoperative findings consists of a pelvic fixed tumoral mass, and numerous other tumors spread in the whole abdominal cavity mimicking a peritoneal carcinomatosis without liver metastases. Three of the tumors where about 4 cm in diameter producing(More)
In the course of an ample study of collagen diseases carried out in the "N. Gh. Lupu" Institute of Internal Medicine--Bucharest over a long period, a group of 608 patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) hospitalized between 1974 and 1986 formed the object of the present study. Of these patients 18% presented pulmonary alterations due to SLE and(More)