Ana-Maria Teleman

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We extend some results and concepts of single-time covariant Hamiltonian field theory to the new context of multitime covariant Hamiltonian theory. In this sense, we point out the role of the polysymplectic structure δ⊗J, we prove that the dual action is indefinite, we find the eigenvalues and the eigenfunctions of the operator (δ⊗J)(∂/∂t) with periodic(More)
The shortage of available cadaveric organs for transplantation and the growing demand has incresed live donation. To increase the number of transplantations from living donors, programs have been implemented to coordinate donations in direct or indirect form (cross-over, paired, and domino chain). Living donors with complex medical conditions are accepted(More)
Genetic tests affect not only single patients but also their genetic relatives. In some cases, they in fact allow to acquire information not only about a single patient, but also about those who are genetically linked (genetic relatives). By appealing to the principle of autonomy, the patient can refuse to be informed of the test result, or to inform their(More)
The aim of this article is to consider crystallographic groups acting as gauge groups and associate this actions with some variational problems. The natural action on the euclidian spaces of such groups has been extended to some Sobolev spaces of functions and on such spaces are considered actions associated to Lagrangians with potential which is invariant(More)
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