Ana Maria Sahagún

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Dietary fibers are widely used in hypoglycaemic, hypolipidemic, slimming diets. It is probable that their ingestion coincides with the oral administration of drugs and a modification of their pharmacokinetics can appear. In the present study, the influence of two soluble fibers (guar gum and psyllium) was evaluated on the pharmacokinetics of(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate bioavailability and other pharmacokinetic variables of a commercial formulation of ivermectin after IV administration to sheep. ANIMALS 6 healthy adult sheep. PROCEDURES A single dose of a commercial formulation of ivermectin (200 microg/kg) was administered IV to each sheep. After a washout period of 3 weeks, each sheep was(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the pharmacokinetics of a novel commercial formulation of ivermectin after administration to goats. ANIMALS 6 healthy adult goats. PROCEDURE Ivermectin (200 microg/kg) was initially administered IV to each goat, and plasma samples were obtained for 36 days. After a washout period of 3 weeks, each goat received a novel commercial(More)
The pharmacokinetics of doxycycline were investigated in sheep after oral (PO) and intravenous (IV) administration. The IV data were best described using a 2- (n = 5) or 3- (n = 6) compartmental open model. Mean pharmacokinetic parameters obtained using a 2-compartmental model included a volume of distribution at steady-state (V(ss)) of 1.759+/-0.3149L/kg,(More)
Glucomannan is a dietary fiber employed quite frequently in the western countries since two decades now, as its ingestion plays an important role in human health. However, eastern people have used this fiber for more than a thousand years. This dietary fiber is the main polysaccharide obtain from the tubers of the Amorphophallus konjac plant, a member of(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to evaluate, under the same experimental conditions and in the same subjects, the effects of ispaghula husk and guar gum on postprandial glucose and insulin concentrations in healthy female subjects. DESIGN An oral glucose load with and without fiber was administered in the morning after an overnight fast. The study of(More)
Levodopa combined with carbidopa constitutes one of the most frequent medication in the treatment of Parkinson's disease. Plantago ovata husk (water-soluble fiber) improves levodopa absorption conditions, but when this drug is administered with carbidopa, fiber could reduce its effectiveness. The purpose of this study is to investigate whether the presence(More)
Fiber therapy could be used in patients with Parkinson disease to reduce the symptoms of gastrointestinal disorders; however, it could interact with levodopa reducing its effectiveness. In this experimental study we have investigated whether the presence of Plantago ovata husk (water-soluble fiber) modifies in rabbits the bioavailability and other(More)