Ana Maria Gondim Valença

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OBJECTIVE To investigate the relationship of contextual social capital (neighborhood empowerment) and individual social capital (social support and social network) with dental caries experience in adolescents and adults. METHODS A population-based multilevel study was conducted involving 573 subjects, 15-19 and 35-44 years of age, from 30 census tracts in(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate the relationship between low anthropometric indices and dental crowding in deciduous teething. METHODS We assessed 794 children from 3 to 5 years old, both boys and girls, enrolled in public preschools in the city of São Luís, state of Maranhão, Brazil. Single-stage cluster sampling was used. This is a cross-sectional study,(More)
Conclusion: The FHSC initiative contributes significantly with their services to the FHS to achieve its goals. However, to make the work of these teams more effective there must be ownership of Primary Care Services by its users and appreciation of it by the managers. The actions developed in the FHS are being supported and agreed on among the matrix(More)
BACKGROUND There is limited evidence on possible associations between social determinants and dental pain. This study investigated the relationship of neighborhood and individual social capital with dental pain in adolescents, adults and the elderly. METHODS A population-based multilevel study was conducted involving 624 subjects from 3 age groups: 15-19,(More)
Collaborative Virtual Environments (CVEs) can improve the way remote users interact with one another while learning and training skills on a given task. One CVE’s possibility to the health area is the simulation of medical procedures in which a group of remote users can train and interact simultaneously. Health area has been benefited from the advent of(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the operational control of water fluoridation at the city water supply plant in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from January to December 2000. The water treatment supervisor filled out a questionnaire on the control of water fluoridation. In addition, water samples were collected every two weeks for fluoride analysis(More)
In the context of teaching and learning in health, the game portals can provide useful functions to the educational context. Based on this potentiality, this work presents a general architecture for the development of educational web portals that support performance evaluation along the sequence of activities composed by serious games and virtual(More)
BACKGROUND The most common and best known hereditary coagulopathies are hemophilia A and B followed by von Willebrand Disease. OBJECTIVE This study aimed to estimate the prevalence of tooth loss and investigate its association with demographic and socioeconomic data, as well as to discuss self-reported oral morbidity and use of health services by patients(More)