Ana-Maria Cazan

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This paper presents a system that transforms images acquired with a camera into sounds. The system is designed for the visually impaired people and will convert real time images into sounds, respecting a certain algorithm, to preserve the visual information, but not forgetting the limitations imposed by the human hearing system. The resolution used for(More)
BACKGROUND Upper GI bleeding (UGIB) is a potentially life threatening gastrointestinal emergency whose effective management depends on early risk stratification. METHODS We retrospectively studied 151 patients admitted to our unit with UGIB between 1st January 2007 and 31st December 2011 and in whom we calculated the clinical and complete Rockall, the(More)
The present paper presents an experiment conducted between November 2009 and February 2011. The main hypothesis of the study was that efficient time management, under the guidance of an educational counselor, lead to significant increases in students academic performances and, consequently, lead to academic success. A number of 130 participants with low(More)
The general objective of the project refers to the creation of some online services, meaning the creation of some modern instruction procedures using IT&C facilities to come as a solution to the continuous needs of knowledge and formation of different users. The main objective is that of building a virtual instruction and evaluation system of the(More)
The access of the general public and of the Romanian students to the use of the computer and the internet has been possible only since the middle of the 90's, research on the topic having no object up to that date. The variety of results obtained by studies conducted on different samples or at different time spans support the usefulness of the research in(More)
This paper presents an in depth study of problems due to outsourcing of manufacturing operations. Influencing factors are identified and relationship between them is defined. The outsourcing problem is formulated using linear programming (LP) and analytical solution is determined using context of theory of constraints (TOC). The model can facilitate(More)
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