Ana Maria Calil

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INTRODUCTION Pain is a common occurrence in trauma victims that provokes harmful effects on the body. However, there is a gap in the literature about this problem, which is still underevaluated and undertreated in Brazil, especially concerning the use of opioids. OBJECTIVES To estimate pain intensity and the use of analgesia in traffic accident victims.(More)
This is a first-time study in Brazil, which identified the relations between the analgesic standard and trauma severity. To do this, an analysis was performed in a population of 200 traffic accident victims admitted for treatment at the emergency unit of a referral hospital for trauma care in the city of São Paulo. Trauma and lesion severity were(More)
The objective of this study was to identify the body regions most affected in traffic accident victims and to map the trauma and severity of the lesions. A systematic literature review using key words related to traffic accidents, transportation accidents, wounds and injuries found a total of 248 articles. The electronic bases LILACS, MEDLINE, and PAHO were(More)
OBJECTIVE This study evaluated retroperitoneal hematomas produced by bilateral injury of iliac arteries (uncontrolled hemorrhage), blood volume loss, transcapillary refill, the effects of volume replacement on retroperitoneal bleeding and the hemodynamic changes with and without treatment. METHODS Initial blood volume was determined with Tc(99m)-labelled(More)
An unprecedented study in Brazil analyzed pain intensity and adequacy of analgesia at an emergency center. One hundred accident victims attended at a trauma reference hospital were evaluated. Pain was present in 90% of cases; 56.0% complained of severe pain on first evaluation and, three hours later, 26.0% remained in severe pain and 38.0% in moderate pain.(More)
The aim of the present study was to rethink the Critical Care Course in the undergraduate nursing curriculum, analyzing relevant issues of its insertion, considering professional training and qualification, the demands of the job market and a critical reflection of the nurse's professional competences, according to a theoretical reference framework.
The aim of the present study was to think the Oncology Course in the baccalaureate nursing curriculum pointing relevant issues about its introduction, considering professional training and qualification, labor market demand and a critical reflection about nurse's professional competences. Score is also the role of technology in helping training and(More)
This study was developed in order to compare the use of the ABBREVIATED INJURY SCALE (AIS) and the CONDENSED ABBREVIATED INJURY SCALE (CAIS) as basis to calculate INJURY SEVERITY SCORE (ISS) in head injured patients. The results showed that the ISS value was equivalent in the majority of the patients (58.51%) codified by both scales. Also no statistic(More)
This study analyzed the concepts of pain and analgesia in trauma nurses and physicians of an emergency service have. Semistructured interviews were carried out with 100 percent of the nursing staff (22) and 85 percent of the medical staff (22) of the Surgical First Aid Service of the University of São Paulo Medical School's Hospital das Clínicas. The(More)
Pain is one of the main complaints at admission in emergency services. This article aims at presenting pain assessment methods in trauma patients using objective tools in pre- and intra-hospital settings. The harmful effects of pain in the post-trauma patients, and the benefits of early analgesia are discussed. We found that acute pain in emergency wards is(More)