Ana Margarida G. Ferreira

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[1] While many earthquakes have now been studied using interferometric synthetic aperture radar (InSAR) data, a full assessment of the quality and additional value of InSAR source parameters compared to seismological techniques is still lacking. We compile a catalog of source models obtained using InSAR and estimate the corresponding centroid moment tensor(More)
[1] We carry out long‐period surface wave centroid moment tensor (CMT) inversions using various global tomographic models and two different forward modeling techniques for 32 large earthquakes previously studied using interferometric synthetic aperture radar (InSAR) data. Since InSAR methods provide an alternative and independent way of locating and(More)
This paper present an analysis, based on Charles Sanders Pierce semiotic, of impress environmental communication used by auto-motive companies from Brazil and Europe to achieve the "green market". The aim is to analyze the implicit structure of adverti-sements, the ecological appeals used in and how depth the eco-logical subject is presented by company.(More)
Mantle plumes are thought to play a key role in transferring heat from the core-mantle boundary to the lithosphere, where it can significantly influence plate tectonics. On impinging on the lithosphere at spreading ridges or in intra-plate settings, mantle plumes may generate hotspots, large igneous provinces and hence considerable dynamic topography.(More)
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