Ana Margarida Cunha

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Human thermal modulations are becoming a popular subject when concepts such as, safety and comfort are indispensables in workplaces design. The computational fluid dynamic software have been used and they have been assuming a greater impact in this field due to their higher accuracy. Also, CFD studies can provide detailed information about thermal comfort(More)
The Gastropoda is one of the best studied classes of marine invertebrates. Yet, most species have been delimited based on morphology only. The application of DNA barcodes has shown to be greatly useful to help delimiting species. Therefore, sequences of the cytochrome c oxidase I gene from 108 specimens of 34 morpho-species were used to investigate the(More)
The design of ventilation in hospital Operating Room (OR) is essential because it influenced the performance of medical staff, safety and comfort. Moreover, ventilation in the OR is crucial to reduce bacteria proliferation and to protect patient and medical staff. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) techniques are increasingly used to study the ventilation(More)
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