Ana María Moreno

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Criollo cacao (Theobroma cacao ssp. cacao) was cultivated by the Mayas over 1500 years ago. It has been suggested that Criollo cacao originated in Central America and that it evolved independently from the cacao populations in the Amazon basin. Cacao populations from the Amazon basin are included in the second morphogeographic group: Forastero, and assigned(More)
Mature knowledge allows engineering disciplines the achievement of predictable results. Unfortunately, the type of knowledge used in software engineering can be considered to be of a relatively low maturity, and developers are guided by intuition, fashion or market-speak rather than by facts or undisputed statements proper to an engineering discipline.(More)
One of object orientation's main limitations is the object-oriented analysis process's immaturity. This article proposes an approach that is based on using linguistic information from information specifications to apply during this process. Our method helps to analyze this information semantically and syntactically and employs a semi-formal procedure to(More)
Like any other quality attribute, usability imposes specific constraints on software components. Features that raise the software system's usability have to be considered from the earliest development stages. But, discovering and documenting usability features is likely to be beyond the usability knowledge of most requirements engineers, developers, and(More)
This paper analyses what implications usability has for software development, paying special attention to the impact of this quality attribute on design. In this context, the aim is twofold. On the one hand, we intend to empirically corroborate that software design and usability are really related. This would mean that this, like other quality attributes,(More)
The present study analyses the distribution of cephalopod paralarvae off the Portuguese coast. The effects of temporal and physical variables on Loligo vulgaris, Octopus vulgaris, sepiolid and ommastrephid abundances are analysed with generalized linear models. Their distribution patterns are discussed in relation to mesoscale features, including currents,(More)
UNLABELLED A few studies have assessed the observed fibrosis progression between serial liver biopsies (LB) in human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) / hepatitis C virus (HCV)-coinfected patients. Approximately half of the patients progressed at least one fibrosis stage over a short period of time. The risk factors for this fast progression need clarification.(More)
Antibody and T-cell reactivities to Plasmodium vivax merozoite surface protein 9 (PvMSP9) were evaluated in a cross-sectional study of individuals naturally exposed to malaria infections living in Ribeirinha, a native riverine community and in Colina, a transmigrant community, Rondonia, Brazil. The antibody responses to PvMSP9-RIRIIand PvMSP9-Nt domains in(More)