Ana María Lara Palma

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Since its enactment in 2000, the European Orphan Medicinal Products Regulation has allowed the review and approval of approaching 70 treatments for some 55 different conditions in Europe. Success does not come without a price, however. Many of these so-called "orphan drugs" have higher price points than treatments for more common diseases. This has been(More)
Knowledge has become the most strategic resource in the new business environment. A case-based reasoning system, which incorporates a novel clustering and retrieval method, has been developed for identifying critical situations in business processes. The proposed method is based on a Cooperative Maximum Likelihood Hebbian Learning model, which can be used(More)
This study investigates the attitudes towards and social impacts of Edward Snowden's revelations in Japan through a questionnaire survey and follow-up interviews with Japanese youngsters as part of an international cross-cultural analyses. The survey results showed striking contrasts with ones in other countries reflecting the Japanese socio-cultural and(More)
This study investigates how Snowden's revelations are viewed by young people in the People's Republic of China (PRC) and the Republic of China (Taiwan) through questionnaire surveys of and follow-up interviews with university students in those countries. Considering the history of state surveillance in both countries and the current complicated and delicate(More)
This study analyses the perceptions about Edward Snowden's revelations in Mexico. A questionnaire survey was developed and applied to students in a Mexican University (Autonomous University of San Luis Potosí). This Study is part of a global research about privacy perceptions by young people in different countries.
This study investigates the attitudes towards and social impacts of Edward Snowden's revelations in Germany through a questionnaire survey with German youngsters as part of the worldwide cross-cultural analyses. However due to Snowden's revelations a continuing discussion about privacy, safety, security and data protection was unleashed in Germany. The(More)