Ana María Galvis

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Dysphagia might affect 12 % of the general population, and its complications include pneumonia, malnutrition, social isolation, and death. No validated Spanish symptom survey exists to quantify dysphagia symptoms among Latin Americans. Therefore, we performed a prospective cohort study in a tertiary care university hospital to validate the Spanish version(More)
There are not reliable methods for measuring laryngo-pharyngeal mechano-sensitivity (LPMS). We aimed to determine the reliability of a new method for measuring LPMS using a new laryngo-pharyngeal esthesiometer (LPEER) in a prospective cohort of dysphagic stroke and non-dysphagic patients. The patients underwent clinical and endoscopic evaluations of(More)
Recent studies have shown an association between alterations in laryngopharyngeal mechanosensitivity (LPMS) and dysphagia, obstructive sleep apnea, and chronic cough hypersensitivity syndrome. A previous reliability study of a new laryngopharyngeal endoscopic esthesiometer and rangefinder (LPEER) showed high intra- and inter-rater reliability; however, its(More)
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