Ana María B Cantera

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A new cysteine peptidase (Granulosain I) was isolated from ripe fruits of Solanum granuloso-leprosum Dunal (Solanaceae) by means of precipitation with organic solvent and cation exchange chromatography. The enzyme showed a single band by SDS-PAGE, its molecular mass was 24,746 Da (MALDI-TOF/MS) and its isoelectric point was higher than 9.3. It showed(More)
A crude extract with high proteolytic activity (78.1 EU/mL), prepared from ripe fruit of Bromelia antiacantha was used to hydrolyze and remove soft tissues from the epigyne of Apopyllus iheringi. This enzymatic extract presented four actives isoforms which have a broad substrate specificity action. Enzyme action on samples was optimized after evaluation(More)
Proteolytic biocatalysts were adsorbed and stabilized using alumina as a support medium. Two biocatalyst-adsorbant systems were prepared with different physical characteristics of the adsorbant: alumina powder and alumina pearls. Direct adsorption onto the support medium has the main advantage, over other fixation methods, that preliminary steps are not(More)
Azocasein, diffused into gels after polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, provides a useful substrate for simple and rapid protease detection. After electrophoresis, the gels are incubated in an azocasein solution, immersed in trichloroacetic acid and then treated with NaOH. Proteolytic zones appear as uncolored bands on an orange background. The gels can be(More)
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