Ana M. Herrera-Navarro

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This paper deals with the notion of connectivity in viscous lattices. In particular, a new family of morphological connected filters, called connected viscous filters is proposed. Connected viscous filters are completely determined by two criteria: size parameter and connectivity. The connection of these filters is defined on viscous lattices in such a way(More)
The circle is a useful morphological structure: in many situations , the importance is focused on the measuring of the similarity of a perfect circle against the object of interest. Traditionally, the well-known geometrical structures are employed as useful geometrical descriptors, but an adequate characterization and recognition are deeply affected by(More)
The measures most commonly used in current literature to compute the roundness of digital objects are derivations of the form factor based on area and perimeter computations. However, these measures are highly dependent on image resolution and sensitive to shape variations. In this article, a new measure is proposed. This measure takes into consideration(More)
This work presents a new method for measuring the variation of intracellular calcium in follicular cells. The proposal consists in two stages: (i) the detection of the cell's nuclei and (ii) the analysis of the fluorescence variations. The first stage is performed via watershed modified transformation, where the process of labeling is controlled. The(More)
Traditionally, the well-known geometrical structures are used as useful geometrical descriptors, but, an adequate characterization and recognition are deeply affected by scenarios (which include occlusions, low contrast of background and foreground, unsharp-ened borders, etc.) and physical limitations (such as resolution and noise acquisition, among(More)
The color of an image may be affected by many factors such as illumination, complex and multi-spectral reflections, and even the acquisition device. Especially in outdoor scenes, these conditions cannot be controlled. In order to use the information of an image, the latter must present the information as closer as possible to the original scene. Sometimes(More)
Mixture of Gaussian (MOG) approach is a powerful estimation and prediction background subtraction model. Nevertheless, although it has been improved by using several algorithms such as Expectation Maximization (EM), it is still susceptible to sudden changes in light conditions effects. In this paper, we analyze the MOG approach in order to explore its(More)