Ana M. Cubillas

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In this review, we introduce photonic crystal fibre as a novel optofluidic microdevice that can be employed as both a versatile chemical sensor and a highly efficient microreactor. We demonstrate that it provides an excellent platform in which light and chemical samples can strongly interact for quantitative spectroscopic analysis or photoactivation(More)
In this work, methane detection is performed on the 2ν(3) and ν(2) + 2ν(3) absorption bands in the Near-Infrared (NIR) wavelength region using an all-fibre optical sensor. Hollow-core photonic bandgap fibres (HC-PBFs) are employed as gas cells due to their compactness, good integrability in optical systems and feasibility of long interaction lengths with(More)
Hollow-core photonic bandgap fibres (HC-PBFs) have emerged as a novel technology in the field of gas sensing. The long interaction pathlengths achievable with these fibres are especially advantageous for the detection of weakly absorbing gases. In this work, we demonstrate the good performance of a HC-PBF in the detection of the ν(2) + 2ν(3) band of(More)
A non-destructive technique for the detection of non desirable material, or defects, in an industrial raw material chain has been developed. The system incorporates a hyperspectral imaging spectrograph able to register simultaneously the Vis-NIR reflected spectrum of the material under study along all the points of an image line. This system can be fast(More)
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